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Topics of interest

Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

      - Analog, Mixed And RF Signal Processing And Circuits
            o Low Voltage Low Power Systems, Wireless Analog Hardware, ELIN Systems, Data Converters
      - Digital Signal Processing
      - Digital Circuits And Computer Arithmetic
      - Integrated System Testing And Technology
            o Defect And Fault Modeling, Fault Tolerant Systems, Simulation Validation, Reliability Issues in Electronics
      - IC Technology
            o Device Modeling, Materials, Process Technology, Packaging
      - Optoelectronics
      - Reconfigurable and Embedded Systems
            o Reconfigurable Hardware, Analog and Digital Programmable Devices, MEMS, Neural Networks, Fault Tolerant Electronic Systems
      - Antennas and Propagation
            o Radars, Antennas, Fading in Wireless Systems
      - Wireless Systems
            o Next Generation Mobile Networks, Mobility Management, Handover Techniques, Ad-Hoc Networks, Security
      - Internet Engineering
            o Access Networks Integration, AII-IP Networking, Congestion Control, Evolution of the IP Network Architecture,
            o Internetworking, MPLS and GMPLS, Traffic Management, Qos in Wireless and Wired Networks, Network Design Tools
      - Software Engineering And Middleware Architecture
      - Information Theory
            o Information Transmission, Coding Algorithms, Cryptography
      - Image Processing
            o Video Coding and Transmission, Video Processing and Analysis,
            o Image Formation, Image Scanning, Printing, Display and Color, Image/Video Storage, Retrieval and Multimedia
      - Speech Processing
            o Voice Coding, Voice Recognition
      - Nano Technology
            o Nano Technology, Nano Materials, Nano Electronics
      - Education
            o Distant Learning, Ethics Legal Social Policy Issues in Electronic Engineering, Roadmaps in Electronics, Communications and Information Technology

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