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The basic purpose of Novice Insights in Electronics, Communications and Information Technology magazine is to
stimulate students/young researchers to write about the work they are doing in science. The magazine is a scientific
journal designed to highlight student research. Our magazine invites student authors to submit their ideas and
research work for review and publishing, by following the steps described at Instructions for Authors .


This Code of Ethics establishes guidelines for professional conduct by those who have been granted by the Novice
Insights' editorial board the permission to review technical papers intended for publication by the Novice
Insights magazine.

This is not an attempt to define specifically what one should and should not do, but to communicate the magazine's
expectations of fair review process and proper conduct and what professional and academic conduct the board values.


Persons designated by the magazine's board to review the quality of the technical content of the papers submitted
for publication are elected from the academic community. The reviewers are professionals with expertise in the
area of electronic, telecommunications and information technology engineering, with distinguishable academic
results and impeccable conduct. The following describe the Novice Insights magazine's expectations:

         - The reviewers acting on behalf of the Novice Insights magazine are expected to fairness in their practice.
         - The latest technical papers available on the topic subjected to review mark a reference point in evaluating
          the technical content of the submitted work.
         - Innovative ideas should particularly be sought for and met in evidence in the review report.


Reviewers acting on behalf of the magazine have a general duty to conduct themselves in a manner that will maintain
and strengthen the reader's trust and confidence in the quality and integrity of the magazine's content. With regard
to professional conduct, those acting on behalf of the Novice Insights are guided to practice:
         - Integrity, by maintaining an ongoing dedication to honestly and responsibility.
         - Evenhandedness, by treating others with impartiality.

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