Professor Gabriel Oltean, PhD


Relations and theorems for electric circuits; frequency response  ... more

Acquired skills

After completing the discipline, the students will be able to analyze the frequency behavior of  ... more

Acquired abilities

After completing the discipline, the students will be able to use the lab instrumentation  ... more


1. Oltean, G., Electronic Devices, Editura U.T. Pres  ... more




    0  Introduction
    1  Transistors Biasing
    2  Transistors. Small-Signal Models
    3  Basic Amplifiers with One Transistor
    4  Frequency Response: CS and CE.  Cascode Amplifier
    5  Current Sources and Current Mirrors
    6  Feedback Circuits
    7  DC Voltage Regulators
    8  Integrated Voltage Regulators
    9  Switched Mode Power Supply
   10  Sinusoidal Oscillators
   11  LC Oscillators
   12  Nonsinusoidal Oscillators
   13  555 Timer
   14  Power Amplifiers. Class A
   15  Class B and Class AB  Power Amplifiers
   16  Class D Power Amplifier
   17  Applications using Operational Amplifiers



L1    Collecting Experimental Data using the Computer

L2    Single-Stage BJT Amplifiers. Common Emitter

L3    Single-Stage BJT Amplifiers. Common Collector, Common Base

L4    Negative Feedback Effects on Amplifier

L5    LM 7805  Voltage Regulator

L6    DC-DC Converter

L7    Sinusoidal Oscillator

L8    Functions Generator

L9    Multivibrator Circuits using the 555 Timer

L10   Class B Amplifier

L11  Laboratoy Test

L12  Rail-to-Rail Op-Amp Amplifier with Unipolar Supply



Subjects for theory


Subjects from previous exams: 2014, 2015

Electronic circuits simulator


On-line simulator


One can simulate the existing circuits  (selected from "Circuits" menu) or new circuits created by the user ("Circuits/Blank Circuit" menu). New circuits are automatically saved; to access them later, their link should be exported ("File/Export Link")


Precision rectifier avoiding op-amp saturation