Professor Gabriel Oltean, PhD




    0  Introduction
    1  Transistor Digital Circuits
    2  Transistors Biasing
    3  Transistors. Small-Signal Models
    4  Basic Amplifiers with One Transistor



L1    Introductory laboratory. Labor protection

L2    Collecting Experimental Data using the Computer

L3    Bipolar Digital Circuits

L4    Single-Stage BJT Amplifiers. Common Emitter

L5    Single-Stage BJT Amplifiers. Common Collector, Common Base

L6    Class B Power Amplifier

L7    Effects of Negative Feedback on an Amplifier

L8    LM 7805  Voltage Regulator

L9    DC-DC Converter

L10  Multivibrator Circuits using the 555 Timer

L11  Sinusoidal Oscillator

L12  Laboratory Test

L13  Function Generator

L14  Concluding Laboratory



Electronic circuit simulator


On-line simulator


One can simulate the existing circuits  (selected from "Circuits" menu) or new circuits created by the user ("Circuits/Blank Circuit" menu). New circuits are automatically saved; to access them later, their link should be exported ("File/Export Link")